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Justice For Paras Madan

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My husband, Paras Madan has paid the price for fighting against the builder.  A resident of SPR Imperial Estate, Sec-82, Faridabad, is struggling to get back to life because he dared to stand against the ongoing scam in his society by the stooges of the builder.  When the residents asked for transparency and the 30 per cent increase in already high maintenance charges was denied to the builder, Paras became the victim for championing this cause. 

 On 12 April 2017 (Wednesday), on the way to work, his car was forced to stop by the criminals on Kheri-Palla road in Greater Faridabad. They came armed with gun, steel rods, baseball bats in brand new car without a number plate.  As soon as Paras stopped, they smashed the windscreen and pulled him out of the car at gunpoint. He was punched, dragged and beaten with steel bars and baseball bats in broad daylight leading to multiple grievous injuries. All this happened despite a police complaint, after his narrow escape last year, when he was attacked in the same area.

 After massive protests by residents of Faridabad on various locations, an FIR (No. 127 P.S. Bhupani) was filed. Using his money power and influence, the builder  managed to dilute the case and all the accused were granted bail, based on a false story. Despite the assurance by the Commissioner of Police, Faridabad, the department has not taken any credible action so far. Instead, the investigation is being diluted to protect the culprits.


1. Imposition of Section 307 (Attempt to Murder) in the case: FIR No. 127 P.S. Bhupani

2. Transfer of the case to Crime Branch/CIA for an unbiased investigation

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