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Recently, a sadist by the name of Reece Donahue of St. Paul, Minnesota, bragged that he would kill Ophelia. the kitten he had recently adopted with the following Facebook post, "1 kitty is going to die tonight."

He began to throw the kitten to the ceiling so hard that tufts of her fur were stuck to ceiling and she began bleeding from her nose and mouth.  Fortunately, Donahue's roommate alerted authorities and saved Ophelia's life.  She is now back at the shelter but unfortunately all Donahue faces is a pittance $3,000 fine and one year in jail but let's make sure he receives the full punishment.

Letter to
District Attorney Susan Gaertner
Recently, a horrific incident of animal cruelty in St. Paul has been brought to my attention. An evil, sadist by the name of Reece Donohue recently adopted a kitten by the name of Ophelia. After posting on his Facebook page, "1kitty is going to die tonight'" he proceeded to throw Ophelia to the ceiling so hard that her fur stuck to the ceiling and she bled from her mouth and nose. Fortunately his roommate called the police and Ophelia was rescued in a nick of time.

As a district attorney, I'm sure you're well aware that animal abusers go on to rape, torture and murder people. Serial killers such as Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, notorious mafia hitman, The Iceman, as well as man schoolyard snipers first practiced their trade by torturing and killing animals. Please seek the maximum sentence possible in this case and refuse to plea bargain to send a strong message that animal cruelty will be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Thank you.

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