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Petitioning Justice for Octavius and Ozzy and 4 others

Justice for Octavius and Ozzy: For stiffer DUI laws and for DUI to be consider premeditated

On November 25th 2012 my Son Octavius Life was cut short and his best friend was badly injured by Virgil Coonfare, who was driving under the influence of prescription drugs. The boys were in their yard not even close to the road.The truck came up a 5 foot embankment and struck the boys Octavius died of blunt force trauma to the chest and Ozzy was badly Injured but survived. The day my son was laid to rest Virgil Coonfare was released on 25000 dollars bond and as far as im concerned that is outrageous. My goal with this petition is to make stiffer DUI laws so familys of loved ones killed or hurt by people Driving under the influence will be assured there will be justice. I would like to get a law inacted that if a person driving under the influence kills a child, A mother, A father, A sibling Or a loved one Instead of receving a charge of manslaughter they would be receving a much stiffer penalty of Murder. As far as im concernd being a father of a child who was killed by A person driving under the influence If you decied to get in a car under the influence and kill sombodys loved one that is a premeditated act. So my goal is for the lawmakers to put a bill in act that would make Driving Under the influence a PREMEDITATED ACT.

Letter to
Justice for Octavius and Ozzy
State Representative Christopher Sainato
Pennsylvania State House
and 2 others
Pennsylvania State Senate
Pennsylvania Governor
For harsher DUI laws and to make it harder to be released on conditions such as bond/bail. And to make Driving Under the Influence a Premeditated act if a person is killed because of it. You decide to get in the car under the influence and kill somebody's love one You should face Life in prison.

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