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Justice for O! Please help STOP CHILD ABUSE & reunite this child with her loving mom!

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O is a 5 year old child who has been repeatedly abused by her father. The child abuse has been occurring for years. No agency has ever protected her, despite repeated calls to CPS by her mother, doctors, therapists, and concerned individuals, and cries for help to law enforcement agencies, and petitions to family court. Rather than getting O the protection she so desperately needed, the child abuse was covered up by the broken legal system, and O was removed from the loving care of her protective mother, and placed in the custody of her grandparents. O was deprived of all physical contact with her mother for several months, and hasn't been allowed to come back to her loving home for over a year. On the one time since Christmas 2016 that O got to lay eyes on her mother / primary attachment figure, O's grandmother attacked O's mother, called the cops on her, falsely accused her, lied to the police, and had O's mother arrested for 'custodial interference.' To recapitulate: little O was abused and deprived of meaningful maternal contact for over a year, and then her grandmother had her mother arrested for "custodial interference" after O's mother tried to protect her from further maltreatment. O and her mother need to reunite to heal from all the years of abuse perpetrated upon the both of them by O's father, O's grandparents, and everyone that O's father and grandparents contaminated against O's mother, including the police, the family court, and CPS. We must put a stop to the gaslighting of victims, stop the discrimination, stop the human rights abuses, and end the societal stigma of victimization. The abusers must be held accountable. Violent perpetrators must be arrested by law enforcement, rather than allowing innocent victims to be further victimized. Massive records of misconduct have been compiled, and it's time that O sees justice for what's been done to her. Repeated incidents of severe child abuse combined with the (illegally-court-ordered) sudden absence of her primary attachment figure will have a lifelong adverse affect on this innocent, developing child. The ACE study shows that as a result of the abuse that O has suffered and the added negligence of the legal system, she is likely to live a lifespan of 20 years less than that of the average population, making her emotional experience in life comparable to a grave injury. Please help save this child from the ongoing abuse, and help her heal through reunification with her loving mother, who is her primary attachment figure. Psychologists will tell you that the only way for a child to heal from severe childhood abuse and Adverse Childhood Experiences is with the loving support and belief of their primary attachment figure. Maternal deprivation is child abuse, in itself. Couple that with repeated and severe abuse to her genital organs by her father, and this child barely has a chance in the world. She urgently needs your help! Please help stop child abuse!

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