Justice for Noor

Justice for Noor

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Started by Kay J

A Birmingham attack where 4 young girls aged 17-18 attacked an innocent girl in her own home. The
4 girls committed GBH with intent and robbery. The four girls named Sidrah, 18, who was pregnar
at the time of the incident. Zaynah, 18, who was also pregnant at the time of the incident. Rida 17,
who was a friend of the perpetrator, Zaynah and Simone, 17, the younger sister of Sidrah.
On the 16" of July of 2021 the 4 girls arrived at the victim's house at 2am that morning. The victim,
not knowing all 4 were going to arrive, had the idea that Zaynah and her were going to meet up to
*Chill' as Zaynah claims.
Zaynah told the victim that there was alleged "beef with sidrah' and they wanted to fight her'.
Zaynah was extremely angry and pumped claiming she would 'catch sidrah and beat her up.'
The victim, unaware that Sidrah and her sister Simone and Rid were hiding outside her door,
calmed Zaynah down and had told her to come in and eat something this is when Rida knocked at
the door and had began to shout at the victim, calling her names, the victim, scared, had tried to
calm the situation down as she and Rid had never met before and had no idea who she was.
The victim had managed to calm the girls down and sat them in her bedroom upstairs. This is when
the two sisters had entered the house and locked the door downstairs so no one could enter nor
leave. This is when Zaynah took her first punch and attacked the victim. The victim is then attacked
by all 4 girls until she is pushed to the ground bleeding. She is then grabbed by sidrah who holds her
head while the 3 other girls continue to kick and punch her in her face and then smashes her head
on the corner of the desk. At this point the victim is unable to see due to the bleeding on her eyes
and the swelling in her face. Zaynah, on facetime to her at-the-time partner, Hamzah, and his
younger cousin Qasim begins to set the camera up for them while attacking the victim. Sidrah then
pulls out her phone camera and begins to record while kicking the victim in the head multiple times
while screaming profanities

While the sisters continue to attack her Zaynah shouts to Rid to 'bring her the kitchen knife' in
which Rida retrieves a large 9-inch kitchen knife and hands it over to Zaynah. This is when they stand
next to the victim with the knife next to her face threatening to stab her telling her to give them her
phone password and her phone and air pods and "beg for her life' and 'say sorry.
This is when they began to hear sirens as the neighbours had heard the screaming - and recorded it,
from the house. And called the police. Simone taking her provisional, €100 cash and her cards. Left
the house while her sister sidrah followed taking her phone and kicking her one last time.
They escaped and left her bleeding on the floor. The victim Hospitalised for 2 weeks, is still dealing
with serious injuries and PTSD from the attack. And the girls continue to bully and threaten her.

4,635 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!