Justice for Non Binary Students at Highland High School and in the Highland Community

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Several days ago, the Highland School Board ruled in a decision not to educate a communications class about non binary issues. Living in a community where being white and cis gendered is the majority, they claimed that having students discuss these issues was unfit for advocacy in the classroom environment. 

Under discussion with Highland High School principal, Dr. Karen Gauen, I learned that the board considered these issues as non partisan to the board approved class curriculum. However, having taken the class myself, I can say that these issues definitely are, as it discusses gender identity and self identity. 

This petition aims to overturn this decision and allow non binary students to discuss their issues, as well as advocates for anti discrimination intiatives in our community. 

In a community where inclusion should be a priority, the board's decision proves the lack of acceptance towards diversity; and proves our education system still lives in the 50’s. By providing a halt to the factual stories and circumstances of others, we are allowing discrimination to become acceptable. We are the only ones who can guide our community, and our school system towards acceptance and equality. 

You also may ask, why are you writing this petition? I am writing this to show my solidarity and alliance with members of the LGBTQ community; and for the initiatives of equality for all races, religions, and ethnic groups.  I am writing because this affects not only my friends and family, but my community. 

We live in a community where intolerance to race, to gender, to diversity is severely lacking, where we still let hatred exist. While there will always be hatred in the world, for any given time and for any given reason, we can initiate positive change right here at home. It's 2018 and our community as a whole needs to step up. This is not just about discussions in our classes, it's about discussions in our community. What can we do to make the area we dwell more accepting and more tolerant? Can we help it shed its tired, antiquated values?

If you believe in the rights of understanding for all without discrimination, I encourage you to sign this petition. For every signature, you are taking a stand. Thank you.