Make animal abusers register

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On November 26, 2018, Nicko, a loving husky was brutally beaten stabbed slammed on the ground had his neck snapped and then shot. Nicko unfortunately had to be rehomed and being a “friend” of the original owner said he would take Nicko and take care of him. Instead of keeping his promise he killed Nicko, just hours before another couple was supposed to come pick him up to give him the home he deserved. All of this abuse was done in front of children and other witnesses. Nicko was then thrown on the back of a pickup truck with the help of an accomplice they took Nicko and threw him in a snowbank like he was a piece of trash. The one who did this to Nicko was mad because he got into the trash while he was left alone, like most dogs would do. 

We need to get enough signatures and get our governor to pass this law.