Clear Nicks Name

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A man has been taken away from his young family and sentenced to 19 yrs of a 'he said, she said' case.....there is No actual evidence or forensics linking Nick to the alleged attack. The accusers side of the case does not add up at all with many inconsistencies and we feel that the trial was too influenced by the media for months before trial began. Many people who know Nick,will know he is a loving father, fantastic, loyal friend and a caring person who would go out of his way to help people. Hardworking and was at the beginning of a successful mma career which was his dream. That is all now taken away by a scorned woman. Please help by signing this petition and also following Nicks private page on Facebook called 'justice for Nick Leaning' no innocent man should be locked up through bitterness. thankyou Just a reminder of why we are fighting Nicks corner---- - No forensics = no DNA/blood on or in car,on car keys, nicks clothes or Nick. - No skin particles on Nick or Lauren. - No hairs,fibres on either party. - No fingerprints found. - No saliva on nicks hands from putting them over her mouth. - the clothing as she claims are his work clothes (definitely sure as 'I wa wiv I'm for 2 yr' ) what he was wearing were found at home clean and ready for work the next day. Along with finding his mask there too. All found b4 he was arrested on his way bk home. Remember she didn't mention his mask til a later interview. - all statements don't match or add up. - one witness statement changed dramatically on the day of trial. - No evidence of planning. - made an alibi at first as was scared....common knowledge that that happens. But against solicitors advice Nick wanted to tell the truth straight away. - threats from Lauren over a period of time, proven in court to ruin his life career and family. - injuries were superficial,baby not delivered in an emergency ASAP!!!!. It was discussed by doctors. - even forensics team cannot determine if it was self inflicted or not. Only evidence to link Nick there is that he admitted to going to spk to her

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