Justice for Natasha

Justice for Natasha

March 25, 2012
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Florida Attorney General (Pam Bondi) and
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Started by Angel KIng

Truth Seekers for Justice (face book) Florida, was founded on the basis and in Memory of Natsaha Roseanna Boykin (King). This is a non-profit organization.

Truth Seekers for Justice can be found at www.truthseekersus.org and on the Internet providing you with information in relation to the death of my daughter Natasha Roseanna Boykin.

"Working for and In Memory of Stolen Lives"

Lady Justice has been bound by the fine blue line code of silence!  A body moved aka “suspicious deaths” warrants an investigation!

Natasha's voice through our advocacy is inevitablely our primary goal to help remove the blindfolds and speak loudly to ALL death ears so the whole TRUTH may be heard. Our own government agencies have the control to roll out the carpet and hide the view of any promised transparency, all at the expense of tax payers money.


The results or lack of investigation that has been demonstrated by law enforcement do indeed reflect a total miscarriage of JUSTICE. The continuance two years later of failure to communicate, question or investigate only adds that much more insult to injury!

We and our experts have been able to identify several inconsistencies and erroneous judgments made for the conclusion and determination as to how Natasha's death has been displayed and announced.

Within a matter of a couple hours determined - simply put there was NO INVESTIGATION by the Jacksonville Beach Police Department - FLORIDA! This police department retains juristiction but refuses to investigate WHAT SO EVER!!

This case has been determined by several independent expert opinions: solely based on evidence and facts - the death certificate was signed with a total lack of validity.

Absolutely no protocal or procedures for an investigation had ever been conducted by any agency of law enforcement. It is our commitment to make sure that each and every individual deserves to be heard. This is our purpose through Natasha's memory and spirit that this foundation/organization has been created to help people now and in the future for the pursuit of TRUTH and legal JUSTICE, HONESTY & INTEGRITY!.

FYI - Reports provided by Duval County Vital Statistic Department - for Jacksonville Beach Florida is a 7.36 square mile area with reported: 49 Suicides to 10 Homicides. Natasha being one of those statistics. Once it is stated by police as a suicide it is not questioned or investigated, keeps the crime rate down, budgets in control and everyone looks good except for the lost loved ones who have clear and precise evidence to prove otherwise.

We ask you for your support to help for an honest investigation. Law enforcement in the STATE OF FLORIDA proudly demonstrates their juristictional rights so no other agency can be heard or investigate an honest, unbiased investigation. We need the people's (publics) help so that these cases cannot be quietly tucked away from any exposure of the truth anymore.

PLEASE help us EXPOSE this obviously evident miscarriage of JUSTICE!

Request that the blindfolds of JUSTICE to be removed so that everyone can see the LIGHT! It shall only be then when the TRUTH shall set us all free!

Thank you for your time - Bless you! Natasha's mother - Angel King

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This petition had 444 supporters

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