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Justice for my twin brother

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February 28, 2015 my brother was left dead in my parents driveway. He had overdosed on heroin while with another girl. She had sent out texts stating that Jared was overdosing and did not know what to do. He was then found dead in my parents driveway. When I was told the news I drove to my parents house to be with family. When I arrived my brother was still laying in the driveway. It traumatized me to see him lifeless. I asked the police and detective why he was still there because it had been hours since he was discovered. They stated that they were treating it as a crime scene and had to do some investigation. I knew the girl he had been with. The detective advised us not to contact her because it could ruin the case. The detective waited a few days and then went and talked to the girls parents. They immediately called a lawyer for her. When the detective tried to contact the girl the lawyer told him he was not allowed to talk to her. I asked the detective why didn't he didn't  just talk to her in the first place instead of her parents. He said that he could not find her. I did not understand why he could not find her because she was on facebook. Facebook says where she lives where she works...Everything. The next day she blocked me on facebook. I think he is helping her. Because of his lack of help, we got a lawyer. The lawyer detective and I all met. The detective said the case was not closed and that he still planned on talking to her...It has been 2 years since my brothers death. Please help me fight for justice for my twin brother.

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