July 8, 2022
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Started by Jasmine Orozco

Hello my name is Jasmine Orozco, & I’m seeking help with getting word out on how unfair my brothers case is ! My brothers name is Moises Orozco he was killed on 3-15-22 by a man who ran a stop sign killing him and his best friend Jesus Gonzalez!

The man that killed them is only set to serve 120 days at MOST! His next court date is set for March of this year. HE HAS PREVIOUS RECORDS! This is NOT HIS FIRST OFFENSE!!!! He has a history of reckless driving!!!!!

His awaiting trial already for
1.)Street Racing
2.)Driving while impaired (DWI)
3.)Hit & Run

His previous charges
1.)Reckless Driving
3.)Injury to Personal Property
4.)Possession of Drugs

What his Charged with for this wreck
1.)Failure to Stop at a stop sign
2.)Misdemeanor by death of motor vehicle


Moises would have been 29 this year…. Please please help our families get the justice he needs by helping us get the word out there!  I’m 1/3 this is the second time my family had to plan a funeral for my sibling, 12 years ago my oldest brother Kevin Orozco 20 was killed by a drunk driver in 2010 as he was crossing the road to make sure it was safe for our brother Moises, Kevin died in Moises arms.

This was back in 4-23-2010, the man that killed Kevin Orozco only got 4 years and only had one more year added because my mother begged the jury for justice and that’s what they felt justice enough for him was 5 years, as being the last sibling to still be here fighting for her brothers case please I beg and ask for y’all to help get our story out there and how unfair it is that 12 years later the JUSTICE SYSTEM IS FAILING OUR FAMILY AGAIN!!!!


Please help me share the word of how unfair the justice system is handling my brothers case I know this was Moises biggest fear to go out in a car related accident, my mother has lost now two children to both to someone driving recklessly and not paying attention, I’m only 22 years old and have already seen both my bothers in a casket and come back home as ashes! JUSTICE IS WHAT WE WANT AND WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR PLEASE HELP US GET THE WORD OUT AND POINT US IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION TO HELP OUR CASE OUT! please!!

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Signatures: 1,072Next Goal: 1,500
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