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Started by The Todds

 In regards to the harsh, undeserving treatment of Randell G Todd (MID) I felt the need to create a petition to seek justice for Mid & asking that Tom Wolf, Larry Krasner, review Mids case and have them look into his situation. We also call on Governor Tom Wolf, Larry Krasner & Meek Mill who has spoken out in support of rehabilitation and criminal justice reform, to immediately look into this matter. Let’s get 100 signatures to show mid we feel for him. He’s in jail for a crime that never happened..

More than just a rapper, entrepreneur & investor Mid has been a powerful voice in the community for young people all across the country - and the world. Mid has made positive contributions to many communities and programs, dedicating his time and money to the cultivation of our youth and our neighborhoods; even while overcoming his own adversities. Mid has continued to be dedicated to being a positive force in the world and shown an immaculate work ethic, even while the overly restrictive conditions of his probation made it nearly impossible ,

The criminal justice system is adamant that individual's work in order to be productive citizens, but at times made it difficult for Mid to be able to earn his livelihood. Every time Mid needed to travel, he was forced to seek permission, which was often denied unnecessarily. However, he still remained dedicated to making a difference not just in his city of Philadelphia, but worldwide.

Mid didn’t just inspire his supporters -  but through his music, interviews, community service and energy he showed that individuals can move forward, beyond their past and their circumstances, to have a positive impact on society.

Mid has adhered to several rules and regulations as a part of his probation such as: reporting to and passing mandatory drug tests, community service, meeting with his probation officer, and reporting his whereabouts and obtaining permission prior to leaving the city. Mid’s efforts to change his image while still remaining true to his artistry and who he is as a man went unnoticed as well.

This petition is designed to show the amount of people who believe that Mids punishment is harsh and unjust. 

We humbly ask for Judge Kia Scott to grant relief in his case and call on Governor Tom Wolf & Larry Krasner to closely look into this matter and address why Mid and thousands of other young, black men throughout the state are unnecessarily incarcerated without proof. 

134 have signed. Let’s get to 200!