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Justice for Marijuana!

Its quite obvious. Many people lose their job or unable to get a job based purely on the fact that they test dirty for Marijuana. Everyone knows that if you smoke pot on your own free time (in your house) responsibly your not hurting anyone and just simply relaxing. The Government will have you believe that the lasting effects last longer then a day or two. Which is a pure lie. Government Propaganda at its finest. Personally I can not get a job right now because I will test dirty for Marijuana. Even though I have not smoked Marijuana in over 45 days. As it is the only drug that stays in your system for a month or longer. The unfair part about it is that every other illegal drug is out of your urine in less then a week. And those drugs are much worse then Marijuana is or ever will be. If you don't believe me it is easy to check. Simply do an internet search on the timetable that drugs last in your urine. Company's don't do alcohol test's for employment which is a much bigger evil then Marijuana will ever be. Its time to let the people be heard and tell big business that Marijuana is here and its not going anywhere, and being punished for it to the point where you get denied employment or lose your job is just plain WRONG!

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