Justice for Mariah and Jennah

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On August 27th, 2017 Mariah Gomez 20, and Jennah DiScaifani 18, were killed in a roll-over crash in route 4 near the bergen town center.  Jasmine Cruz was the driver that had caused this horrfic car accident. Jasmine is 23 years old, and was not only intoxicated, but was under other substances during the time of this accident. So far Jasmine has been charged with death by auto, and a summons for a DUI. It has been about a year since the death of these two very young women and they have not receieved justice. Jasmine Cruz has not been penalized for her actions, and still has driving privileges. The mother of Mariah, Aleida Ninette have been contacting the prosecutors office for months now, almost an year ( Bergen County Justice Center-Anthony Talarico office number: 201-226-5142) and the only answers she receives are "we are having problems with the attorneys", as well as court dates being prosponed each time they're set. These two young girls had their lives taken away from them so selfishly before they began to have a glimpse of what their future hold. These girls passed away alone, scared, and in pain. Meanwhile the person who caused this eternal pain walks the street. We want justice for these beautiful girls, both of these mothers want closure for the death of their daughters. Although the pain of losing a child will never fade away, at least these mothers can sleep knowing the person who has killed their daughter is no longer walking the streets.


I've made this petition because the justice system seems to have failed Mariah and Jennah's friends and family. We are hoping this petition could bring justice to these girls, and their families. 

Here is the story if anyone is not familiar with it.