Justice For Maria Shahabaz

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Maria, a 14-year-old Chrisitan girl, was abducted at gunpoint in April this year.

She was then forcibly married to her abductor, an influential Muslim man.

For three months, the 14-year-old remained in her abductor's custody. 

Her family's only hope for justice was Pakistan's infamous judicial system. 

On Tuesday, the Lahore High Court ruled that Maria Shahbaz had willingly converted to Islam and married her kidnapper. 

The verdict, therefore, asked her to stay in his abductor's custody and be a good wife. 

The court even discounted birth certificates and school records that proved that she was a minor. 

An eyewitness's account says that the girl was in tears when this ruling was announced, afraid to speak her mind, fearing for her family's safety. 

Pakistan's priorities are different, which includes pandering extremists, which means these grim figures are unlikely to change anytime soon.