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On Sunday evening, January 8, 2012, county police said officers were called to Mill Centre Drive. A woman had seen a man walk out to his 23-foot-high balcony and throw something. After further investigation, the woman discovered that "something" was an injured Yorkshire Terrier. She picked up the tiny pup and took him to the animal hospital.

Police charged Gary Wallace, Jr, a 43-year-old man who lives at the premises, and charged him with 2 counts of animal cruelty: animal mutilation and felony animal cruelty. He is currently being held on a $250,000 bond.

Remarkably, little Louie has survived this heinous act of cruelty and is reported to be recovering rather quickly, despite his head trauma and other injuries.

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Photo courtesy of WBAL TV.

Letter to
Circuit Court for Baltimore County/State's Attorney
We, the undersigned respectfully request, that if found guilty of animal cruelty, Gary Wallace, Jr. be sentenced with the maximum penalty allowed by law. We also request that Louie is not allowed back to Mr. Wallace and further be barred from owning any animals during the course of his life.

Thank you for considering our remarks.