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Justice For Lindsey Graham

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Please support this petition to put my 17 y.o. daughter's murderer behind bars for the maximum allowable time. Let the judge know that violent criminals like Larry Robert Williams must not be allowed to walk free. 

The killer - Larry Robert Williams - confessed, in a videotaped statement to Miami-Dade Homicide detectives, to shooting 17 year old Lindsey Graham through her bedroom window with a modified AK-47 assault rifle, out of "REVENGE" and "PAYBACK."

This was not a random shooting, but a PREMEDITATED hit. He simply couldn't take the fact that Lindsey wanted to focus on school and family and not be in a relationship. Lindsey had just finished two pre-college programs at the University of Maryland. She helped pioneer theaccess to online education for students with severe illnesses at Parkdale High School  and was looking forward to being the first student to launch the program in the Fall of 2004 - her senior year in high school. She never got the chance. Lindsey struggled her entire life with Sickle Cell Anemia and still managed to be an inspiration to her family and friends. 

The perpetrator asked the arresting officer, "HOW MUCH TIME AM I GOING TO DO FOR THIS?"  Let's show him! He deserves the maximum and nothing less. 

Even with this damning evidence, expert testimony by the homicide unit, firearms specialist, and the coroner, the jury found this murderer guilty of the lesser charge of manslaughter and guilty of firing a gun into a dwelling. This murderer threatened to kill Lindsey's parents, make her watch and then shot her. He followed through on a portion of his threat and cowardly shot Lindsey inflicting multiple fatal injuries to her petite 5'2", 95 lb frame.

He has a family history of violent offenders and he is someone who must do the maximum allowable time in prison for his bold and heinous crime. We must not let this killer get away with gunning down an innocent young girl who was entering her senior year of high school and looking forward to college beyond that. His violent actions have devastated a family and brought heartbreaking sadness to Lindsey's friends. He must be punished to the fullest extent allowable.

In addition to this petition, we need letters of support (by July 6th) and if you feel compelled to write, please send them to:

Mr. J. Scott Dunn

Assistant State Attorney

Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office

Graham Building

1350 N.W. 12th Avenue

Miami, Florida  33136

or email letters to:

They will be forwarded to Mr. Dunn

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