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Bring Leah and Trenton home safely to their mother in Florida

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Leah and Trenton are being forced to live with their alcoholic father. Their father was abusive to the mother so she left him after she finally had enough. He was hardly ever in Leah and Trenton's lives. He was always running the streets drinking, living with other women or in jail. When Leah and Trenton's mother left him and moved back to Florida he found a way to take the kids. The kids were unable to see their mother for almost 2yrs. When they were finally able to see their mother they begged her to never return them to Michigan with their father again. They reported detailed abuse. Trenton has emotional problems and it is believed he has Aspergar's syndrome. Trenton reported that his dad hits him all the time because he cries a lot. Crying and emotional problems is part of his condition. Leah reported her dad coming home drunk 1 night and sticking his hand down her pants and touching her private parts because he was too drunk to realize he was touching his own daughter. Leah also told people at church in Florida that her dad is cool because he has let he drink alcohol and hit a marijuana joint. All of this was reported to the police in Florida and the children were interviewed by counselors by themselves in Florida. The counselors state their statements are true and they were in no way coached. This has been put in writing. The police and CPS in Michigan refused all of Florida's reports. Leah and Trenton refused to go back to Michigan. They were terrified and several witnesses saw their behavior. Leah and Trenton's mom, Sheri, went to jail for "kidnapping" for refusing to return her kids after they reported such graphic abuse. Because the original arrest warrant from Michigan was put out for kidnapping to make the warrant nationwide Sheri was assaulted by the guards in the jail in Florida. The arrest report in the computer system stated she kidnapped 2 kids off the street in Michigan and ran to Florida to hide. That of coarse is not what happened. But because of that Sheri was thrown in solitary confinement because of her charge and was assaulted by guards. She was kicked in the back and MRI reports show damage from the injuries. Sheri's dr is helping her obtain a lawyer so she can sue the jail for those injuries. Cameras show Sheri did not do anything to provoke the assult. Sheri was sick and laying on the floor in front of the toilet because she was vomiting. She told the guard she was sick and they told her she was faking it. When Sheri later arrived in Michigan the took her to the ER and it was found that Sheri had a kidney infection that required IV antibiotics and oral antibiotics for 10 days and she had 4 kidneys stones. After 4 days of being in solitary confinement the jail finally had Sheri interviewed by a psychiatrist and he stated she had no mental problems and did not belong there. He also informed the guards a woman he works with is the counselor who was dealing w Leah and Trenton and the reason Sheri refused to return her own kids is because there is proof they are being abused. Sheri was extradited to Michigan and all the guards in Michigan felt she is innocent and knew she was calling the police in Michigan begging for help. But the chief of police in the small town they live is friends w the father n refuses to take any reports. Sheri spent 50 days in jail for trying to protect her kids and is ordered to pay over $4000 in fines and Leah and Trenton can't see their mom for at least 2yrs now. Leah and Trenton continually express that they do not want to live with their alcoholic abusive dad and they want to go back to Florida and live with their mom. Their dad hasn't had a license in 10yrs because of his drinking, CPS has forced him to take substance abuse classes(he just goes right back to drinking), he's been in jail several times for not taking care of his other 6 kids he has by 4 other women, he has been arrested for domestic violence in past relationships. Sheri and the kids have had to stay in DV shelters to escape his abuse in the past. Sheri had been threatened by the father several times that he was going to get life insurance on her n kill her to pay the child support on his other cases so he would stop going to jail. He told her since she has health problems, he'd make it look like her health killed her. The father aslo put a loaded gun to his head 1 night in front of Sheri n the kids n threatened to kill himself. Sheri stopped him from committing suicide..The reason Sheri lives in Florida is to keep away from his abuse. There are many kids this is happening to every day and they need our help and justice. The family court is no longer about justice, they are about who can pay them more money and that person wins custody no matter what their past or what kind of parent they are. Leah counts down the days until she is 12 so she can get away from her abusive father and moved back to Florida with Sheri. Leah and Trenton need help getting home to Florida with their mother, Sheri, and their brother and family sooner than that. They do not need to suffer anymore abuse and they do not need to be raised by a man who can't stay sober. CPS has told people who call on him for abuse n his drinking that they don't care about his drinking or drug use. It is is the best interest and best safety that Leah and Trenton be returned to their mother in Florida as soon as possible. CPS has told Sheri several times she is going to have to wait until something bad happens again before they will take the children from him.

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