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Grand Jury Declines Action

Although Kaprentiss died from multiple gun shot wounds and multiple blunt force trauma injuries caused by police officers, the grand jury has already met and declined to take any action against the officers involved in her killing on February 27, 2020. Due to the case so quickly going before the grand jury, it appears that this was looked upon as an open and shut case. Without having observed any video/audio footage or police reports for themselves, the immediate family can only assume that in the last moments of her life that she was treated inhumanly by being run over. The only witnesses on the scene at the time she was run over were the police officers involved in the police chase.  These were the same officers she allegedly backed/ran into that had already shot her multiple times.  Was running over her an accident as reported by the officers involved or retaliation for apparently backing/running into them?  Kaprentiss suffered a traumatic death by police that she did not deserve. She was not a felon or criminal. She was a daughter, a sister, an aunt, and most importantly a child of God that deserves justice. 
In Solidarity,, KP’s immediate family 


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1 year ago