Justice for KP - Stop Deadly Force by Police

Justice for KP - Stop Deadly Force by Police

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On February 27, 2020, Kaprentiss McCulloch was killed in a police involved shooting that led to a dangerous police chase, which resulted in her being brutally run over by police. At the hands of police officers, she died from multiple gun shot wounds and multiple blunt force trauma injuries. Therefore, we are demanding a change in the use of deadly force without first exhausting all non-lethal means.  Furthermore, procedures for police chases should be fully re-evaluated to consider and address how they may lead to brutal deaths.    

To make matters worse, her immediate family (next of kin) has struggled with not understanding how their loved one’s altercation with police was allowed to escalate to the point of two officers opening fire, being run over by an officer, and ultimately losing her life as it was brutally taken by police officers. Her next of kin were never contacted by the Clarksville Police Department and was forced to reach out to the external investigator for information about what reportedly occurred that resulted in her being brutally killed by police. The immediate family submitted an open records request to the Clarksville Police Department for video/audio footage and reported documents in order to observe the actual events of that fatal day themselves. However, the City of Clarksville responded and declined to disclose the requested information . The City of Clarksville has gone as far as to seek a ruling from the Attorney General of the State of Texas requesting non disclosure. The immediate family has followed all required procedures to date with no results.

Even though Kaprentiss died from multiple gun shot wounds and multiple blunt force trauma injuries caused by police officers, the grand jury has already met and declined to take action against the officers involved in her killing.  Due to the case so rapidly going before the grand jury, it appears that this was looked upon as an open and shut case. Without having observed any video/audio footage or police reports themselves, her immediate family can only assume that in the last moments of her life that she was treated inhumanly by being brutally run over.

Kaprentiss suffered a brutal death that no one deserves.  She was a daughter, a sister, an aunt, and most importantly a child of God that deserves justice.  Like George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and numerous other people of color, Kaprentiss’s life was cut short by police. Please help get justice for Kaprentiss “KP” by making your voice heard in support of requiring changes that will cease the use of deadly force by police and address the brutal effects of dangerous police chases. Thank you.