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To be a voice and bring justice to these precious babies who were murdered

Letter to
Mayor Claiborne co Courthouse P.O. box 318 Tazewell, Tn 37879 Mayor Jack Daniels
Claiborne sheriff's Department phone 423-626-3385 415 Straight Creek Rd New Tazewell Tn 37825 Sheriff David Ray
Please investigate and prosecute for Animal Abuse and Cruelty . Here is a post for the Claiborne Co Yard Sale site on Facebook. Helen Mink shot these kittens and then bragged about it on Facebook. Michael and Helen Mink originally posted looking for homes for these baby kittens because they could not afford food for them. Many people offered to take the kittens , and many offers for adoption were posted , but instead Helen Mink decided to shoot them. There is proof of this and she also drowned a litter of puppies a few weeks ago. People are mad and are banning together to make sure justice is served for what she did. This is animal Cruelty according to the law. We demand that justice be served and she be prosecuted to the full extent of the law . Address and name of abuser Helen Mink 2318 Clouds Road New Tazewell Tn

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