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Type1 diabetic daughter failed to be rescued by new boyfriend

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I am  looking for signatures to sign if you agree that my type1 diabetic daughter was failed to rescue by her new bf he was with her whole time as she went left me on a sat nyt at midnight with new bf and by mon morn my daughter was totally brain dead and had been  through dka full stages her bf failed to rescue  her by no giving her insulin that he said she last took on sun morn yet no more did he see her take he didnt even get her help she would have so needed  . he waited till she took last breath by a cardiac arrest n said she was still speaking to him she'd have been uncoincience by then . until he called for help by this time my beautiful daughter was gone clinically brain dead her coma scale was 3  severest thats how long hed ley her lie without insulinn in her body which he new cud have killed her ?????? totally  see full story on fb group (justice for Natasha quigley Bayne) this was over period weekend he was with her  whole time admitted carrying her in bath bodily on sun she left me nyt before n was fine he awoke few times during nyt n her breathing was bad but he still left her till she cardiac arrested next morning  then called for help my girl took 5 injections a day yet had hardly any insulin in her body last one I saw her take was before she left on sat around midnight lots more that he said n did too .that doesnt all add up like not noticing she was ill and you diabetisc know thats pretty impossible not to notice please sign help get justice or try help change law in scotland for duty of rescue or care every other country has one but not scotland please share n sign xx also would like to get laws changed here in scotland every other country has some sort law to pretext those in need duty care  .duty rescue  why don't we n my poor girl was just left to lie till she died n he was there whole time n didn't even hel or get help so inhumane xx