Justice for Jordan Belliveau

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When the amber alert was sent out, immediately I started following this case and wanted this little boy to be found. 

Jordan Belliveau, 2 years old was finally found but sadly was confirmed to be deceased on a live update by many news channels that were on scene. 

At 8:45 the live update from Largo Police Department was broadcasted to announce that the mother, Charisse Stinson, was arrested and being charged with first degree murder. 

For a first degree murder in the State of Florida, it is considered a “ Capitol Felony ”, with possibility of getting parole. 

Myself, someone that lives in Pinellas County, and a mother of 2 kids soon, believe if she is convicted in court and sentenced that she shouldn’t get anything lower than sentenced to life. 

If you believe this and agree, no matter where you are from, if you have helped us look for this little boy or not, white or black, republican or democrat, 

I am asking you to sign this and share it. 

Lets atleast take advantage of this moment and stay a community and team and work on stiffening the child abuse or murder of children charges in Pinellas County. 

If we could get the entire state of Florida to join us in this March, that would be terrific. 

Thank you for your time and I hope to see the best come from this for little Jordan as he deserves all the justice and love we can give him.