Justice for Jibran Agha

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If there is one thing we can be certain of in life, it’s that eventually we will die – that is, we will no longer be alive. Sadly we are not completely certain what “being dead” means: defining death is much more complicated than it appears, and it’s getting harder to define all the time. 

As it happened, A 17-year-old, Syed Jibran Agha, from Shakarzai Syedan, was brutally taken to death by one of his friend for a 'petty' dispute. The dispute could have been negotiated into results, but his rocked-hearted friend preferred taking his prized live, and leaving a four-sided blackness for his family and ever-going agony and pain. 

It is, therefore, a request to the concerned authorities of Quetta. Specifically, The CID and The Government of Baluchistan to take the issue into their accounts; and get the murderer arrested. 

The least we could do for young Jibran Agha!