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Justice for Jessica: Taking a stand for justice.

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Jessica Lucas is a young mother of two wonderful little girls. She is a daughter, a granddaughter, a sister and our friend. The father of her youngest daughter is Rusty Christopher Randall. The relationship between Jessica and Rusty was not healthy. The man threated to take the unborn child once she was born. He was emotionally abusive her and her family. Jessica made numerous attempts to get out of the relationship but always hoped they could work it out, they were about to have a child. Soon after the child was born Jessica decided to end the relationship for good, took her things and her children to make a better life for them. Jessica tried to keep a civil relationship with the father, for the child. The father continued to threaten her, harrass her, resulting into calls and reports made to law enforcement. In November 2012, shortly after the break up, Jessica was on the way to a friends house. Rusty followed her, waited until she was inside, broke into their back gate, and shot Jessica with a shot gun 8 feet away. The youngest child, Jessica and Rustys daughter was only a foot beside her when she was shot. Multiple wounds to her hands, arms, chest and stomach. Jessica was rushed to the hospital where she was rushed into surgery. Jessica was hit 15 times. She was hit in her right kidney, her liver, her colon had to be repaired. They took out her gallbladder. Jessica was fighting for her life. Family and friends prayed, cried, and stood by not knowing if Jessica had a future. Family and friends also came together to help each other, help take care of her children, through this terrible time. Jessica beat all the odds against her and survived. Jessica was released from the hospital with both her hands in casts, unable to care for herself or her children. Jessica could not do the simple things like go to the bathroom, feed herself, change her babies diaper. For 2 months Jessica lost her independence. The man was arrested and charged with multiple things and placed under a $1 million dollar bond. The DA is offering the man a 4 year sentence plea. He has been incarcerated since November, the months will be counted as time served. Lillian Bright has advised Jessica to "get her ducks in a row and move out of the state before he is released." Once this man is sentenced to ONLY 4 years he will be released. Jessica, her children, family and friends will again be in danger. Justice is NOT being served! We almost lost a friend, a daughter, a granddaughter, a sister, and the children almost lost a mother. 4 years does not even being to suffice for the emotional and physical struggle Jessica faced, the fight for her life, and the ongoing trauma and challenges she faces today. Today Jessica suffers from P.T.S.D and is in counceling. Jessica is scared to open her front door, to get into her car, to take her children to the park. She will carry this with her for the rest of her life. We will NOT allow this man to take away anymore of her dignity, self esteem, or way of life.  Please help us take a stand not only for Jessica but for other victims of related crimes. Please help us make sure that this man is behind bars for much longer than 4 years. We want JUSTICE!!

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