Justice for James Scurlock!

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James Scurlock was wrongfully killed Saturday night May 30th by James Gardner who owns the Gatsby bar and club on 12th and Harney in downtown Omaha Nebraska.  Jake Gardener has posted Facebook statuses making it clear he was going down to his business to cause trouble. He was in the street yelling racial slurs and shooting blanks into the crowd of protesters when James Scurlock tried to keep everyone safe and attempt to take Jakes gun. Please sign this petition as Jake Gardner has walked free of any charges today.  Call the Douglas county attorney’s office as well at 402-444-4070 to demand justice.  Also please look into the laws as we do not have a stand your ground law when it comes to businesses etc. Get James Scurlock, his family and friends the justice he deserves. If Jake feared for his life as James tried to keep protesters safe, then I fear for mine knowing a racist homophobic man is free of charges.