Justice for Ichigo, a Shiba Inu, killed while boarded through Bay Area K9 Association

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This petition is for justice for Ichigo. A Shiba Inu in Northern California who was killed while being boarded for the weekend at Bay Area K9 Association was. The dogs were under the care of Sherree Gray and Steve Kenzler. We want ANSWERS for the dogs owners. We want the truth. 

Below is the owners statement in regards to the incident:

I’m writing this statement in hope that no other dog has to DIE the way my dog did, in the care of Bay Area K9 Association, Steve Kenzler & Sherree Gray.

I dropped off my two dogs( a healthy 5 old year Shiba and 7-year-old Corgi) for a 3-night boarding, in CA. One of the trainers Sheree Gray was the trainer assigned to take care of my dogs for the 3 day weekend.

I was notified from Sheree Gray that on Sunday, via txt that my two dogs got into a “minor” fight and that my Corgi allegedly bit my Shibas back leg. They took my Shiba to the vet and said everything was fine.

Monday morning I was updated again that my Shiba has gone into shock and was being rushed back to the vet. I received another text later that my Shiba pass away at the Vet.

I was speechless to hear this news. I knew something wasn’t quite right as my Corgi is older and much smaller than my Shiba. Shiba Inu’s are extremely fast dogs. They are bred to hunt bears, so they can surely take on a Corgi IF they ever fought, however my dogs never fought.

The woman Sheree Gray who had my 2 dogs would text to communicate. However her story completely changed from Sunday night to Monday.

Sunday she said she was in the house moving other dogs from one area of the house to the other. She said my two dogs were outside and she didn’t hear the fight because she was in the house with other dogs. She said my Corgi bit my shibas back leg. She said that the vet saw my Shiba and said he will be fine and that he may just be sore for a few days. She then said that she got there in time to see the corgi get one bite on my dogs leg

Monday I got a completely different story of how the fight/bite happened. She said my Shiba was in the back yard with no other dogs. However, she was in the yard herself. She said my Shiba was hiding behind some bushes and that it looks like a branch scratched his leg. She said none of the bushes had thorns on them at all. She said she was in the yard when my Shiba was scratched by a bush. Now, remember she said the day before that she was in the house and she made it outside in time to see my Corgi bite my Shiba.

Was Sheree in the house or outside in the yard with my dogs? 

She then went on to say no other animals came in contact with my Shiba other than my Corgi. She also said that my corgi is much smaller and slower than my Shiba so she didn’t see how my Corgi could have bitten my Shiba. She said my Shiba is so strong and could easily get away (which is true)

So, as you see, her story changed as the text kept coming. Which, in the end. I have the screenshots to show her lies and contradictions. I don’t even think she could keep her lies straight.


I was even more shocked when the Veterinarian/Dr provided me pictures, to show that my Shiba had multiple bite wounds 4 to 5 bite marks and was my shibas coat was drenched in blood. What happened to the one bite on the leg?

If Bay Area K9 Association had taken my dog to the vet Sunday, then the vet would have cleaned the bite, wrapped it and given my dog antibiotics to fight off the chance of an infection. However my dog was covered in bite marks. Up and down his body. Deep wounds. Some major deep wounds on his neck and back that are way too high for my Corgi to even meet. 

How did the vet send my dog home on Sunday saying he will be fine and might just be sore? Then had 5 bites, wounds and his coat is drenched in blood on Monday? How is this possible.

I immediately contacted Bay Area K9 Association  to ask what had happened and they stated all the bite wounds was from my Corgi, which I found highly suspicious, considering Sherrees story changed and she said there was only ONE bite on the back of my Shibas leg, then she said it was from a tree branch. I have all the text messages saved as proof.

Also my dogs never fought like this, and IF my corgi actually was in a fight then why did she not have a single scratch on her? How is my Shiba covered in blood while my corgi was perfectly clean! Mind you my Shiba is much faster, stronger and bigger than my Corgi, so the story they provided didn’t make any sense. 

In addition, I later found out the boarding house is in Hollister NOT Santa Clara!  Bay Area K9 Associationist does not inform their customers that the dogs would go home with a careless trainer.

The boarding house does not have cameras and they will not even provide us pictures or an address to see what the boarding house looks like or where the fight happened. 

Sheree claims there is no blood in her yard, yet my Shiba is DRENCHED in blood in his autopsy pictures.

I spoke with Sherree Gray and they gave me the vets info. I called the vet and spoke with him. He said that my Shiba was NEVER brought in on Sunday at all. He said he only saw my Shiba on Monday, drenched in blood. This leaves me to believe that my Shiba was attacked by other dogs that Sheree was boarding for the weekend. My dog was bitten 5 times by teeth much bigger and deeper than my corgis. If their own VET is telling me he never saw my dog on Sunday then why would she message me Sunday with a small back of the leg bite story? Then the next day she brought the dog to this vet where she said my dog went into “shock” and died.

Then I called Sherree and she said they brought my Shiba to a different vet Sunday than they did Monday. They gave me that other Vets info and that other vet told me they never saw or treated my Shiba on Sunday either. 

 Bay Area K9 Association denied me access to see  where my dog was boarded for the weekend and where the fight happened. They said lets wait and see what the toxicology report says. My dog is drenched in blood and has bite marks all over him. How could it be from an internal issue?

She then said the pathology report can tell us if it was a toxin or a diseased organ.

Seriously? A toxin or diseased organ?

My dog is drenched in blood. I mean DRENCHED and she is telling me its not even from the “single bite” that she claims happened?

I am forced to think of what really happened to my dog? Who killed my dog in their care? Who bit my dog all over? Why was my dog NOT taken to the vet Sunday if he had all of those bites all over him? Sunday she told me my dog would just be sore for a few days. 

With Sheree’s texts about toxins, makes me think maybe she poisoned my dog AFTER it was attacked, to place the blame of his death on something internal. But, trust me, those autopsy pictures show a dog that is completely ripped apart by another dogs teeth.

This was not a toxin, this was an attack, a murder of my dog. A dog I never got to say goodbye to. A dog I love and had so many plans for this summer and our future together. 

Steve Kenzler and Sherree Gray from Bay Area K9 Association have done nothing but lie and be deceitful to me from the beginning. 

WARNING: your dog may be killed in their care. Just like Ichigo did.