To Seek UCMJ Punishment of Army Specialist Jarren Heng

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Subject: To seek UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) punishment of Army Specialist Jarren Heng for the premeditated killing of deceased Army Veteran Private Marinna Rollins’ Emotional Support Animal, Huey.

1. On or about 17APR2017, SPC Heng and Army Veteran PVT Rollins, after purchasing a firearm, led Huey, Rollins’ ESA, into a wooded area located on educational property in Harnett County, NC. SPC Heng and Rollins then proceeded to tie Huey to a tree and mercilessly fired ten rounds of ammunition at point blank range while recording the killing and later posting it to social media. While SPC Heng was recording, Rollins fired five rounds of ammunition into Huey. Rollins then recorded SPC Heng firing an additional five rounds of ammunition into Huey. The video also shows that SPC Heng and Rollins laughed and joked as they committed this heinous crime. They then unceremoniously drug Huey’s body to a shallow grave.

2. We respectfully request that SPC Heng be tried under UCMJ for the abuse and malicious killing of Huey, as well as carrying and discharging a firearm onto educational property. We request that he be charged with every applicable article of the UCMJ related to this heinous crime and court-martialed. Due to the atrocities that SPC Heng participated in on or about 17APR2017, we feel that Heng is a danger to society and should be demoted to E-1, dishonorably discharged from the United States Army and be required to serve the maximum confinement time that the UCMJ allows at the United States Disciplinary Barracks.

3. We also request that the military investigates whether charges can be brought against SPC Heng with the recently passed Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act (S. 2293/H.R. 1831) article.

4. In recent years there have been more animal abuse cases being brought to the public eye that have involved military personnel. One of the more publicized incidents of animal abuse was when Marine Lance Corporal David Motari was recorded throwing a puppy off of a cliff while on patrol in Iraq. The Marine Corps recognized the fact that harming animals is unacceptable conduct and discharged LCpl Motari along with further punishment that was classified and not published. The US Army must make an example of individuals that conduct themselves in such a manner to show that animal abuse is unacceptable within Army ranks.

5. It is a recorded fact that individuals who harm animals have a high probability of evolving to the harming of humans. The Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and Law as well as other medical associations have published articles on their research regarding Animal Cruelty and Psychiatric Disorders, proving a correlation between animal cruelty and anti-personality disorders amongst violent criminals.

Conclusion: SPC Heng displayed a complete disregard of the Army Core Values and further disrespected our uniform. He should be considered a danger to society and treated as such. We demand the military prosecute him to the fullest extent of the UCMJ.

The People of the United States