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Petitioning Honorable Judge Robert Cupp

Justice for Honey, Yorkshire Terrier tortured to death

Dustin tortured his family Yorkshire Terrier, Honey, for several hours before she died.  He has admitted to throwing the dog down the stairs, held  her head underwater multiple times and them put her in the clothes dryer and spun her for 4 minutes while he searched the internet for "dog in dryer."  He also admits to throwing her on the ground, breaking her leg, placed an Icy Hot sleeve on her fractured limb and then wrapped her snout in tape to keep her from crying.

Letter to
Honorable Judge Robert Cupp
Please do not allow Dustin Harrell to receive Judicial Diversion. This would be not only a great unjustice to the dog he murdered, but to the citizens of our county. Anyone who could perform such cruelty on his family's pet is quite capable of performing cruelty on other animals and humans. He deserves the maximum punishment available. As a society, we must not let such barbaric behavior go unpunished.