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for pitbulls to stop having a bad rap and stop violence on these pets from people and police officers...My pregnant dog henessey due in less than 2 wks was outside with our two other male dogs all pits king and gotti.king and henny have been our dogs since they were 6 wks and now 3 and henny was almost 2 1/2 gotti was a new dog that we got a little less than a month ago we saved him from being uthenized because the previous owners couldn't keep him....anyways gotti and henny got into a scuffle and the police were called and at this time I wasn't at home ten minutes after I left home I received a text message from my niece Kasandra Maddex saying that she heard my name over the scanner and something about a dog incident so at this time I called my good friend Rochelle Fleshner to please go to my house and see what was going on and I was coming right home mind you Rochelle lives less than three blocks from me and went right over by the time she got there henny had already been shot and killed by the wpd in my 6 ft gated and locked yard..I got there within ten minutes and all three dogs have been taken by animal control wich showed up to my house 10 seconds after she was shot and were called to the scene by the wpd that night I picked up king and the shooken up gotti I picked up in the am and took him to the vet the vet said he couldn't do anything for all gotti has is a cut near his ear less than an inch long and some sweliing from possible infection the vet sent us home with amoxicillin and told us to clean him up and let him rest he will be question is why bthey couldn't taze her ,pepper spray her like mail people have to do or use the water hose less than three feet away from where he killed her right next to my back door.....As im saying this I want you to know I will get justice for my dog the police are getting away with killing people and animals with no justification of there actions and is getting really out of hand

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