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Justice for Grenfell: Council Leader Must Resign

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⁠⁠⁠Justice for Grenfell: Council Leader Must Resign 

On the 14th June, Grenfell Tower block was engulfed in a fire that reduced it to a charred shell.  Scores of residents lost their lives, countless others are still missing.

The RBKC ( Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Council) in charge of ensuring the safety of Grenfell tower residents repeatedly failed to acknowledge and act upon safety concerns.  The grievous consequences of such wilful neglect are before us today.

In the aftermath of the inferno, the Council's contribution to relief efforts has been feeble. It has not been visible on the ground and has failed to offer a coherent strategy to deal with the devastation (see updated guidance on civil contingencies 2013).  Instead, it is community and charity organisations that have stepped in to assist the victims. Indeed, they have offered the widest and most meaningful services.

Kensington and Chelsea Council have been so incompetent and negligent that staff from other boroughs have been seconded to fulfill their duties. In addition, Paget- Brown is chairing meetings that exclude the voices of survivors under the pretext that it may turn riotous. This is unacceptable

In light of such catastrophic failures, we, the survivors and supporters of Grenfell Tower residents believe the leader of the Council, Nicholas- Paget Brown must resign. His position is no longer tenable regardless of council efforts to reject his resignation.  The demands of justice, compassion and respect for those who have suffered such a calamity must take precedence rather than the Council's solidarities.

We need a leader who can support the survivors and help rebuild their lives. We also understand that his resignation is but the beginning of what should be a transparent and comprehensive process of accountability that must extend far beyond him. Nothing less can atone for the scale of suffering that has overtaken so many.

 Survivors and Supporters of Grenfell Tower Residents                       


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