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Justice for Gay Rights

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Love is love no matter what. I am against people bullying the gays. I believe that if children love the same gender so be it. Just stop following what you see and be a leader. We shall not bully others due to sexual preferences. Only God shall judge us, and we aren't living to judge others.
I'm not lesbian or bisexual myself, but I see the way others misunderstand and meanly or unkindly treat my gay friends. It's about time people stop. If someone wants to be gay, let them be. It's not anybody else's business who is gay or not. Their way of living may not be like ours, but if they're happy like that we should be happy for them. I believe everyone should have equal rights. We should date who ever we want.
Many say God didn't intend for people to be together with the same sex. I don't believe in that"b.s!" There is no proof that he said that. If people want to be gay please let them be. Stop picking on the gay, they're people too. Stop the violence, keep the peace. We're humans, let's not fight over petty things.
Humans should have the right to date whoever, wherever, and whenever with out being teased. People shall not have to commit suicide, because they're being different who cares whether you're dating a female or male. Why should it matter? I've seen so many innocent men on the news who are committing suicide due to being picked on for being gay or bisexual. It's just not right. Men being picked on for being gay is just not cool, it's pretty cruel, sad, and hurtful. What if straight people or heterosexual were being picked on by gays for being straight? It wouldn't be nice , right ? It wouldn't. So let's stop picking on gays, lesbians, and bisexuals. What if your child was gay? You wouldn't like it if he/she were being picked on for being gay. So put yourself in the family's position. It's not a good feeling to loose a member/blood relative over non sense.
Many of us claim we're civilized, so why do we pick on others? What's wrong with gays? Are they disgusting? Are they bothering you? If so, how ? There's nothing wrong with them. We're all humans let them be.

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