Justice for Gagan

Justice for Gagan

16 July 2022
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Started by Tushar Hegde

6 years ago today, an ex FIS student Gagan Vijaykumar, became one of the many victims of Vallabha Bengaluru. Bengaluru*(corrected name) "borrowed" a Fifa CD (Video game based on an international football tournament), saying -
"Giu ra Gagan I'll giu it back in 2 weeks. Please ra. Please. Ay if you dont giu u see what I'll do to u. Ik where you live emef. What and all I'll do to u."
Eyewitnesses say Bollobh was unusually aroused at the thought of breaking and entering. Only 3 out of 27 students in the classroom at that time have been observed to have kept their sanity. Gagan, out of rational fear of Vallababy, gave him his Fifa CD. 
2 weeks went by and Balba did'nt even mention it.  After a substantial amount of time, other events have brought attention to this anyaya that has been committed by Valla. This is one of the only cases where Valbas alleged victims are mentally and physically able to speak out about it. Gagan, now beefing up to get his Fifa back, is determined to reclaim it to put some respect on his family name.
But Gagan cannot do this alone. We, as the majority population, must support him in order to make this possible. Please share this petition in order to raise awareness to this and numerous other victimisations similar to it. 
Sign this petition to keep Banglore away from other potential victims.
Bengaluru Is The Chairman Of Indias Naughtiness


This petition made change with 20 supporters!

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