Justice for fathers

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Never had a chance for my son to live with me and also has never had contact with my family I find without my son I can't be a better person social services took it away from me and I believe they had a vendetta against me and penalized me for my child hood past that social services bring up but  I know as a parent I will keep my son safe I have no criminal record or convictions and never been taken away from my moms care and also was never was a court order in my moms care and also my sons mother had stated I wasn't the father and my sons mother had another relationship and this person broke my sons arm which I wasn't aware off until november 2017 which then was a DNA and declared I was the father I stepped up from the begging where I had had to see him in a contact center from the begging till the end and social services said that wasn't good enough and put my son up for adoption that isn't good enough in my eyes as he is my son and I was never given the chance to be a proper father to my son and now this has destroyed me and my family and has now caused me to have a high stress level I REALLY WANT MY SON BACK as this happens so many times with fathers who have no chance or say in what happens to there children.....please help me get to 100 signatures