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Dr Siddiqui is a Pakistani-born graduate of MIT and mother to three young American citizens.  Dr. Siddiqui has been missing for 5 years, and only recently has the US admitted to holding her. She is being held for an assault on military personnel, which she supposedly made after being the victim of torture and abuse for 5 years in detention. The details of how she was able to gain access to a gun, and use it on armed military personnel, are hazy at best.

Dr Siddiqui left Boston for Pakistan as a result of the intensified harassment of Muslims in America following 9/11. On a trip to visit relatives, she was kidnapped by Pakistani security services and subsequent leaked reports to the media claimed she was being transferred to the custody of the FBI.  Dr Siddiqui’s whereabouts remained unknown for five years, until 4th August 2008, when she was confirmed to have been extradited to the US to face charges.

Aafia Siddiqui claims she was detained in Afghanistan for years by the US and there she faced horrendous abuse that was physical, sexual and psychological. There are several confirmatory reports by fellow released prisoners that a woman in custody, prisoner 650 who is believed to be Dr. Siddiqui was repeatedly raped and tortured while being held.

As for her children, the US has acknowledged that Aafia’s 11 year old son Ahmed is in custody in Afghanistan. The whereabouts of her two remaining young children remains unknown.

Please write to your representative and let them know you are outraged. Demand an investigation into this woman's treatment.

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