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Diane Priscilla Rosalez was murdered in San Diego California in 1991 at the age of 13 1/2 by Michael Hansen CDC# H46354. He shot and killed her over a $40 crystal meth drug deal gone wrong. Diane had nothing to do with the drug deal. She was just at home with her little brother. I guess at the wrong place at the wrong time. Her little brother Louie was 5 at the time and witnessed the murder happen. This murderer feels he should get out for good behavior. He has caused very much suffering and pain behind his actions. He shows no remorse for Diane Rosalez nor is he able to get her name right which is a slap to Dianes face and to the rest of her family friends and community. His petition for release was sent to Governor Jerry Brown office for approval or denial. Governor Brown approved his petition and this murderer may be getting out in August. This petition is to rescind Governor Browns signature. He needs to understand all sides of this case and not just Michael Hansens petition. Many lives have been affected by this mans actions. People continue to suffer behind Diane's death. I beg the state of California to please not let my family down and allow this man to be released from prison. The communities throughout the state of California and all over the united states are counting on the State of California to step up and keep this heartless unremorseful child murderer off the streets of San Diego and all throughout California.

Letter to
H46354 Michael Hansen
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Michael Hanson A prisoner at California Department of Corrections.

I am Louie Miranda. Diane is my sister. I thank you for taking the time to sign this petition. My family thanks you. We will not stop the fight. Michael Hansen does not deserve the same freedom and to walk the same streets as we do. He deserves nothing more than to spend the rest of his life in prison for his senseless acts. Again, I thank you for your support. My family thanks you for your support. And I know my sister Diane is shining down on us proud and thankful for what we are doing. Thank you.

Louie Miranda

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