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Wheres Derrick Henagan
Lake, MI

Oct 5, 2012 — This petition is very important, There are reason's I cant talk about right now. But what I can say is if we put the support behind this and make sure that Derrick's case is really investigated we will get the answer's we really need, there are people out there that hasn't been questioned in the U.P. that has some answer's..These people need to be questioned. there is tips that drastically needs to be checked on and followed up on fully.I have spoke with Derrick's Detective, And he is a really great guy, But there are things with Derrick's case that was left hanging when our last Detective left. Which is hard to believe, Because he was such a great detective as well, I truly believe that the lack of falls on the Prosecutor as well as funding that the State Police have and don't have.


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