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Please help us get Justice for Derrick Henagan....

Wheres Derrick Henagan
Lake, MI

Jul 28, 2012 — You need to know that almost 4 years ago the girlfriend told Derrick's mother it didn't matter who she sent there( Luce County, Michigan) to look for Derrick Henagan we would never find Derrick, And as of today 7/5/2012 she is exactly wright we haven't found Derrick Henagan,The girlfriend told Derrick's mom Derrick came home to her that night, And when Betty (Derrick's mom ) asked her then where is Derrick, She couldn't answer Betty, They have not gotten along from that time on. We want her held accountable along with the rest that are involved in disappearance of Derrick Henagan. We need you to help us get this petition signed so we can hold ALL accountable for Derrick Henagan. The Family deserve's to have justice for Derrick Henagan, BUT Derrick's CHILDREN deserve to have justice and know their dad didn't just walk into the woods 8/4/2008.... Please help us get JUSTICE...


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