Petition update

Justice Derrick Henagan's petition has been extended 8/20/22012

Wheres Derrick Henagan
Lake, MI

Jul 13, 2012 — We have extended this petition in hopes to get more signature's and awareness on Derrick Henagan's case, We hope and pray that no other family in Luce county will ever have to go thru what the family of Derrick Henagan's family has. In May Betty Henagan attended a missing person's event in Grand Rapids Michigan, Several of the people could not believe that Derrick Henagan's case had not been solved. There was only so many people that seen Derrick Henagan in the last 12 hours before Derrick went missing, There was only 2 homes that Derrick had been to in the last 12 hours before he went missing, And the ex girlfriend did tell Betty Henagan that Derrick came home to her that night....Betty asked the girlfriend well then where is my son, And Betty and the girlfriend has not got along since....

Please help the Family get Justice for Derrick Henagan.


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