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On April 25,2013 Derrick Cottle’s life was taken away from him. According to the Luzerne County coroner, Derrick Cottle died at the scene due to multiple gunshot wounds. Derrick Cottle left behind six children and his loved ones. His family members are trying to recover from his loss. Derrick Cottle’s family knew him as a family oriented man; he loved his children and loved his family. He thrived and was motivated because of the love he has for his children. He was a man of wisdom, knowledge, and peace. We want to seek justice for our loved one.

Letter to
State Senator John Yudichak
Governor Thomas Corbett
Family, Friends, and Community Members Seeking Justice for Derrick Cottle Justice for Derrick Cottle in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
and 2 others
Pennsylvania State Senate
Pennsylvania Governor
Seek Justice for Derrick Cottle