Justice for De'Jar L. Jones Sr. #justice4dejar #LLD Justice4dejar@aol​.​com

Justice for De'Jar L. Jones Sr. #justice4dejar #LLD Justice4dejar@aol​.​com

April 9, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Ms. Tenesia Jones

Petition for justice for De’Jar

#justice4dejar         #LLD

On November 27, 2021 De’Jar Jones’ life ended by a fatal and senseless shooting. His family, friends and many community members will not be silent until justice is served.

The person(s) who committed this crime are still at large.

The city of Coatesville Pa. has suffered a great loss; De’Jar L. Jones Sr. played a major role in the heart of many of the people of Coatesville. His absence is felt tremendously.

A senseless street code of silence has blanketed our community.

There were dozens of eyewitnesses to De’Jar’s murder. Some of whom had camera phones and others even posted on social media that they had quote: “just witnessed a murder”.

The illogical attitude of “stop snitching” originated from criminals who would tell the details and actions of other criminals to the authorities, in order to receive lighter penalties or reduced jail time.  THIS IS NOT THAT!       You witnessed a murder!

This backwards thinking has now grown out of control nationally and transformed into a general code of silence in our communities that has closed the mouths of dozens of people who were eyewitnesses to De’Jars’ murder.

Often times, citizens complain about the Police, the actions of the Police, slow investigations, or Police violence; however, this case is being held up by the ridiculous street code of “Stop Snitching”.


De’Jar is the only son of Tenesia Jones and Damar Sanchez. The Fiancée’ of Jessica Hale. De’Jar is the father of four children ages one year old to eight years old. These babies will now grow up without their loving and devoted father.

De’Jar was an adoring father who cared and participated in every details of his children’s lives.

De’Jar would show the love for his city that he hoped others would also show for each other. From him buying needy families groceries to making sure people had reliable vehicles, or standing in for an absent father whose children needed a male role model.

Birthdays, holidays and just normal everyday life will never be the same for his own four children he left behind.

Community Policing begins with the people who live in the community. We cannot complain about what we call a lack of justice, if we do not set the tone in our own streets by NOT tolerating this criminal activity in our community.

De’Jar lost his life, being a peacemaker. He was simply attempting to break up a fight at a party that was publicized as a celebration.

The murderer brought bad intentions to this “party” by carrying a gun inside.

Those involved in the fight brought the fight to the party intentionally.

Those who were hired as security, to maintain the peace and protect those in attendance, where horrifyingly absent and negligent when it was time to their job.

The honorable way to support De’Jars’ cause is to expose those who stole it.

If you look back at the powerful and influential black leader in our nation’s history, accountability of the members of a community is a consistent and prominent theme. We cannot expect respect from others, if we do not first respect ourselves. If you do not set the tone in your own home, other will come in and bring chaos to your doorsteps.

Coatesville Pa. and other places like it have been overwhelmed with R.I.P. T-shirts and Candlelight vigils used as an excuse to raise hell in the streets. Our children grow up thinking that this behavior is normal; they glorify this destructive behavior and it becomes a part of who they are. De’Jar worked to help break this cycle of dysfunction. He was not perfect, but he worked hard to make what is right and correct become the norm for his children and others.

The current investigation into his murder is being hindered due to the silence of a community of people that claimed to love De’Jar.

This is an open investigation and any information regarding the details of this senseless crime must be shared with authorities immediately. There are clearly dozens of eyewitnesses who are silenced by an irrational street code. We are speaking especially to you.

Please help us close this case!

We, the residents of Coatesville Pa. and the surrounding area, are petitioning for the following actions:

·         We demand a full and thorough investigation of this case.

·         We demand that members of this community fight against this dysfunctional “Stop Snitching” mentality".

·         We pray that you reading this petition would consider supporting what is right, in this and many other cases like it across the Country. Think about your own family when you consider how De’Jars Fiancée, his children and his extended family are feeling now they have been forced into this situation. A situation that could have been easily avoided.

·         We demand justice for De’Jar and his family; this means the person responsible being held accountable in the courts system once they are formally charged.

De’Jar had a bright future ahead of him, but this was all tragically cut short by the actions of people who have no regard for human life. De’Jar did not deserve to die in such a cold and brutal way – nobody does.

De’Jar was the kind of person that made everyone laugh and smile. He loved to entertain those around him and would do whatever he could to make you smile on a bad day. His passion to help people in difficult times led to him becoming very popular in his community and amongst his peers.

De’Jar lost his opportunity to reach his potential because he was killed on November 27, 2021 in a deadly shooting while attempting to separate to “men” fighting at an event that was supposed to be a celebration.

DeJar’s death is a tragedy that has left many family, friends, and loved ones broken hearted and searching for answers. The most prominent question is: HOW is it that this shooting was eye witnessed by dozens of people, who knew everyone involved and NO ONE is willing speak up as to what they saw. NO ONE is willing to hold the murderer(s) accountable.

While mourning his loss, De’Jars family has been fighting for justice, but despite all of our efforts, nothing has been done because of the silence from those who claim to know and love him.

Coatesville is a city of only 13,000 people.

More than 1000 people attended De’Jar’s funeral. How is it that no one saw anything.

Some of those same people in attendance at the funeral are some of the same people who were at the so called celebration where De’Jar was gunned down.

Is it because De’Jar is just another Black man “gunned down in the street”? Is it that deaths like his, are not taken serious by the black community? Where is the value of human life? Put yourself in his families position.

Whatever the reason, we the people of Coatesville Pa. demand Justice for De’Jar!

We want the criminal(s) who are responsible for his murder formally charged and convicted; anything less is a failure to his family, his legacy and it is an injustice.

Our Communities are dangerous enough as without sending this message of zero accountability to the public for criminal behavior…..Accountability begins at home.

Silence and dishonorable street codes have set a dangerous example that if you are responsible for someone’s death there will be no consequences.

We need justice served and that starts with a thorough and complete investigation, the filing of formal charges, and eventually a conviction.

Please help us get Justice for De’Jar and his family and please sign our petition.

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Signatures: 2,038Next Goal: 2,500
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