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Petitioning Union County Sheriff's Dept Jimmy Edwards and 2 others

Justice for David , We need the Sheriff's Dept. to do their job.

My16 year old son was killed and they covered for the trucking company and driver. Federal Law was broken when DOT weren't called out and drug test done. They allowed trucking company to clean up accident site and take their truck back to their place of business. They left my son's belongings at the accident site after clean up and allowed teenagers to go through my son's personal belongings and take what they wanted. It took me months to get his belongings back. They took graphic pictures of my son that had nothing to do with the wreck. It was cold hearted and uncalled for. My son should have been left with some dignity. The driver of the 18 wheeler was driving on suspended license due to drug charges, speeding, driving on a road that commercial vehicles are prohibited from traveling on. They only cited the driver for suspended license and no tag.It took me two weeks to even get his wallet back from the Sheriff's Dept. I kept asking for it but Sheriff kept telling me they gave it back to me. I only got it back when others told them I didn't get it back. It is important to me because I want justice for my son and don't want it happening to someone else. 

Letter to
Union County Sheriff's Dept Jimmy Edwards
DA's Office John Kelly Luther
MS Attorney General Jim Hood
I want you to do your job. You broke federal law when DOT wasn't called and a drug test done at the accident site. You should have reconstructed the accident but you didn't . A investigator was hired out of Florida and he reconstructed the accident scene like you should have and found out what really happened and you would know too if you had done your job instead of cover for the trucking company and driver. Mr.Luther wouldn't take the report from him because he said it would be one sided because the Sheriff's Dept didn't investigate. I have talked to DOT, Bureau of investigation , and made a formal complaint to MS Attorney General- Jerry Spell and none of you will do anything.

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