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Justice for Cosgrove and Wilson: Save my furry babies lives and bring them home to me.

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they are my family, they are my babies

What started as an accidental escape, my friend left the gate open, led to the unfortunate death of a yorkie. Even though I have taken ownership of the tragic ordeal that occurred on Jan 3, 2013 resulting in the death of a Yorkie there are some people who are under the impression that I have not so let me clarify. I have, will and am taking full responsibilty for the unfortunate incident on Jan 3, 2013 leading to the death of a Yorkie. I have complied with every term made to me by the Health Department in Fair Lawn by agreeing to and fullfilling the following:

1. I agreed to, purchased and placed heavy duty chains and key locks on both gates of my property where only I and my mother with have access to the key.
2. I agreed to and purchased muzzles for both Cosgrove and Wilson to be used any time they are brought off my property.
3. I agreed to short leashes to be used when off my property walking my dogs.
4. I agreed to and submitted to a home inspection where an Animal Control Officer and a Health Department Officer came to my home, evaluated my yard, gates and fence and deemed them both safe and inescapable.
5. I agreed to fullfill the 10 quarantine that was to set to expire on Jan 14, 2014 and have done so....Cosgrove and Wilson are still being help at the animal control shelter. The town council is trying at this late date in the game to have the current settlement overthrown and removed. My lawyers are fighting to keep it intact.

Also I have placed beware of Dog signs on both gates of my property and again I will state that Cosgrove and Wilson have NO prior history of escapes or violence and have NEVER shown any signs of aggression towards any human or animal. As of today they have been in puppy prison for 28days!!!

I am completely heartbroken and apologetic for the death of the Yorkie and have from day one been very vocal about taking care of the yorkie's vet bills. My insurance was notified and put on record weeks ago. 

I am doing everything to make right what was a unfortunate accidental escape that led to a horrible incident by taking care of the regretfully deceased Yorkie vet bills and agreeing with all the towns request insuring Cosgrove and Wilson never get out again. The guest that was temporarily living with me that left the gate open was asked to leave. I am saddened by the events of the past 4 weeks and my prayers and love go out to the family of the deceased Yorkie.

My 12 year old daughter, Raina keeps asking me, "why does Fair Lawn hate us so much?" I dont have an answer for her and i dont want her to fear the very people who are put in these political positions to protect us. 

Love and Blessings,

Hope Alexander

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