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Stop the unlawful and injustice treatment of gay teens.

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Let me just tell you the story.
This young man is a 17 year old gay teen who has been put in a group home on the basis of lies.
The courts have illegally taken this young man and placed him in a home. They have taken away his right to be an individual, have denied him the right to have any contact with the outside world. They have taken every right he had from him. They have reprogrammed him to be the boy that they think is normal. This young man's own mother has made up lies to destroy his life. The JJC has falsified documentation in order to keep him from being adopted. They are making up stuff as they go and they are doing this merely because he's gay and has a different lifestyle. The injustice being placed upon this young man is disgusting and hurtful. We as a nation need to come together and help this boy to assure that nothing like this ever happens to anyone else. This affects us all because it could be you, or your child whom it happens to next. The corruptness and injustice of the JJC needs to come to an end.
This is why this petition is so important.

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