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Justice for Christy Clinton Phillips CDC# W-94100

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   Christy Phillips CDC# W-94100 is unjustly convicted and currrently housed at Central California Women Facility. Christy was convicted in 2002 of an elderly woman's murder that occurred in 2000,based on a coerced confession, and despite the lack of physical or forensic evidence and expert testimony of Christy"s multiple mental disabiblities, her age and the outrageous police misconduct against Christy during her confinement in the Rialto Police station and interrogation. Barely 15 years old Christy was taken by Rialto Police, held overnight against her will denied her constitutional right to remain silent and to have a parent present during her interrogation. The Rialto Police officers used intimidation and isolation as part of there tactic to manipulate and pressure Christy into making a confession to a crime she originally reported. Due to Christy's youth, mental disabilities the lack of experience with the criminal justice system, Christy was an easy victim of police manipulation. Christy's trial judge Gus Skorpos admitted Rialto Police Department violated Christy's rights under Welfare and Institution Codes 637(a). The Rialto Police Department also violated Christy's rights under the fifth amendment right to remain silent. Christy's sentence of life in prison is a direct violation of international law under article 37(a) and (article 6) the right tolife,survival and development (article 3) and (article 25) (article 40(1) of CRC) UNITED NATIONS, convention on the rights of the child, Forty-Fourth Sessions, Geneva 15 January-2 February-2007. Christy did not receive adequate representation at her trial. During a motion to supress the illegally obtained confession expert testimony was given by a clinical and forensic pyschologist testified about false confessions for the defense, but was forbidden by Christy's public defender to explain the extent of Christy's mental illnesses and her history of abuse to the jury...the role they played in Christy's coerced confession to Rialto Police. A full understanding of Christy's mental condition during her interrogation and confinement at the Rialto Police Department was crucial information that jury and judge needed to hear in order to make an informed decision, the trial judge erroneously determined that Christy fully understood her Miranda Rights, that the confession was legally obtained despite testimony from Christy herself that she did not understand what was happening. That she did not want to be interrogated and has asked for her mother all through the night while being confined in the "lounge area" at the Rialto Police Department. There was NO JUSTICE for Christy! Despite this outrageous injustice, Ms. Phillips who is now 29 years old has been rehabilitating herself by participating in groups, classes and workshops such as: Alternatives to Violence Project, CCCMS mental health delivery system, Child Abuse, Juvenile Offender Committee, Vocational Training and Church activities. Christy has completed bible school, and helps elderly and the disabled in her housing unit. Christy also studies law currently and wishes to help children upon her release. Allow Ms. Phillips day in court to present the overwhelming evidence of her innocence A.G. Kamala D. Harris. Thank you

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