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Justice for Christopher E Henderson

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In 2004, in the city of Corpus Christi, Texas; Apolinar Moreno committed a premeditated murder - my brother Christopher Eric Henderson with four shots close range to the head and two in the chest. He wrapped Christopher in a blanket and buried him under 18 inches of earth; 1/2 mile from the Nueces County Landfill. Until 2008, our family did not have any closure nor a proper way to bury my brother. When his remains were discovered and confirmed, my family and I buried  Christopher in a child's coffin because there were only bones left to be buried; even-more, we only had some of his remains since the animals had dug up parts to feed on.  The Murder Apolinar Moreno fled the city and started his new life in another state. He was caught in 2008 by Texas Rangers while he was coming back home to Corpus Christi to visit his family. His response to the police was "I thought you forgot about him by now". In June of 2009 my family received some justice for Christopher. His murderer - Apolinar Moreno was given a 20 year prison sentence.  

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice says that he is eligible for parole 11/5/2018! He must not be let out on that day. For four years, my family and I searched, mourned and lived with horrendous thoughts as to what happened to him; What happened to Christopher? We lived in this loop From April 12, 2004 -  January 2008. The worst part is my brother's children endured a horrific tragedy, they they were very young when their father was ripped from their lives and will never get to know great dad he was. They were robbed of their father.  Apolinar Moreno continued on with his life knowing he took an innocent life, my brother.  Apolinar Moreno owes my parents, my brother's children and society the entire 20 year sentence handed down by the presiding judge.  I am pleading that you  please take a moment and sign this petition. Let us not allow for this tragedy to happen to another innocent family. As a society, we all have a social responsibility to each other and to ensure protection for all.Please sign the petition.  

On behalf of my parents and family, Thank you for taking the time to read this petition. Help us keep a murderer behind bars. 


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