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Admit that they were wrong when they shot my son in the back.

My son Christopher Adams was shot in the back by a flint police officer. He was on his way home from the store and heard shots fired so he started running to get home. They assumed he was the person they were chasing and shot him in the back disabiling him for life now. They also planted a gun next him as he lay bleeding to death on the ground. He was on a ventilator for a month in in the hospital for 2 and a half months. This happened in 2011. now in 2013 they are charging him with attempted murder on a police officer and felony firearm. They never even sent the gun in for baslistics until 3 weeks ago. They know he can sue them and if they charge him he can't. My son is innocent and they are railroading him just to justify why they shot him (in the back, which means he wasn't even facing the officer). they are trying to cover up their mistakes with my son's life. He is now disabled and can not walk without a cane or walker. He is severly disfigured on his abdoman and left buttock area. He has severe nerve damage on his left side which now he has no feeling in his left foot. He has sever muscle atrophy in his left leg from the nerve damage and is in constant pain and the genesee county jail will not give him anything. He needs intensive pyhsical therapy that they can not provide in the genesee county jail. There is no reason why the prosecutor or judge will not post a bail or even let him out on a teather so he can receive the medical care that he needs. He is the father of a six month old baby boy ,who hasn't even had the chance to love his father.PLEASE SOME ONE HELP MY SON. Please tell them LET MY SON GO AND LEAVE HIM ALONE...Let's not let another unjustified shooting go.

Letter to
City of Flint Police Department Marcus Mahan
68th District Court Judge Herman Marable Jr.
Admit that the OFFICER WAS WRONG WHEN he shot Christopher in the back. Stop the cover up. What ever happened to protect and serve.BELIEVE IT OR NOT THERE ARE PEOPLE THAT WILL DO ANYTHING TO SAVE THEMSELVES EVEN IF IT MEANS DESTROYING SOMEONE ELSE LIFE. The jail can and will not give him the medial care that he needs. He needs intense physical therapy on his left side and pain management to due to severity of his injuries internally and externally. He is losing his mobility on his left side with sever muscle atrophy. He is in intense pain which the doctor at Genesee County Jail said there is nothing he can do for him. Civil rights are being violated.

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