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Insist Justice For the Wrongful Death of Christian Redwine

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A fight between a seventeen year old boy and his girlfriend ended with her leaving his house and going to an undisclosed location. His worry for her and guilt about making her upset caused him to feel the need to look for her.

Christian Redwine asked his grandmother if he could borrow one of her live-in friend's (Freddy) cars to search for his girlfriend of quite some time. She gave him permission once Freddy had went to bed. Christian waited, and once the time came, he and two other young adults (eighteen and nineteen) left in Freddy's car on a search for his girlfriend. Upon waking up and noticing the car and its keys, along with the boy he considered to be like a grandson, missing, Freddy contacted law enforcement asking for assistance in finding Christian and his car.

Former Officer Allan Brown was on patrol that night and noticed a car driving through an empty lot, the stores were closed so he assumed the worst. He called in a description of the car and was told that the car had been reported stolen. He immediately turned on his siren and lights and began driving towards the teenagers.

Christian had recently been released from jail, so obviously he panicked when he noticed the police car. He began speeding away towards Phenix City, hoping to leave jurisdiction and escape the officer following him (from my own assumption.)

Former Officer Allan Brown and two other law enforcement officers began following him, and Brown tells the other officers to allow him to go around them and lead the chase. (Personally, I believe that this shows a lack of fear of the unknown subject/s.) After the chase hit Phenix City, Christian lost control of the car and crashed onto the side of the road. Brown pulled his car up facing the side of the car and got out, walking to the front of Christian's car and drawing his weapon. Christian puts the car in reverse and tries to back away, to which Brown responds by firing eleven shots. Christian was killed within the first few bullets. After those eleven shots, a passenger, Hannah, shouted something along the lines of "Oh, God, please stop. Please stop, I've been shot."

Brown stops shooting, but only long enough to reload his gun and fire ten more shots.

Christian (the driver) was hit by eleven bullets (a cording to the autopsy report.) Hunter (a passenger) was hit twice, one bullet went through his nose and came out through the roof of his mouth, busting out all of his top teeth. Hannah (another passenger) was shot in the arm, and lost function of it until recently.

Christian was the only one who died. Brown claimed self defense. He says he felt threatened because the car was put into motion. His fear lead to the death of very kind and loving young man.

Police officers are supposed to undergo training so that they do not panic in such situations. And if a trained police officer's panic is justified, the panic of a teenage boy should be, also, even more so. 

I've enclosed the dashcam video from that night.

I am calling on the department of Justice to take responsibility for the loss they have forced upon Christian's friends and Family. Allan Brown should be held accountable for his actions. We, the signers of this petition, request at the minimum, a charge of negligent homicide, and a sentence of at least 5 years prison time to compensate for the wrongful death of Christian Redwine.

Christian was a very kind man, and despite his trouble with the law, he was one of the best men I'd ever met. He'd give the shirt off of his back to anyone who needed it and he proved it to me multiple times in the short time I'd known him. His death has caused hysteria for everyone who'd ever come into contact with him, because no one could ever believe that he could do anything to give the notion that he would cause harm to another person. He was never given a fair chance in life, and he will never have the opportunity to rise above his circumstances.

Allan Brown is a coward who ended the life of a beautiful human being, decades before his time. He wrecked havoc in the lives of young adults who needed guidance. I truly believe he would not hesitate to hurt another person, and he used his badge as an excuse to be a vigilante.

He resigned from his position as a Columbus Police Officer, but that is not enough. Being a police officer does not and will never excuse shooting someone eleven times, whether or not they have or will in the future do something wrong. It was not his place to decide that Christian's penalty for his mistakes was death.

Brown's Dash Cam Video

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