Justice For Chad Hower

Justice For Chad Hower

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Chad Hower is a loving father, husband and friend that has been battling for his life against all odds. In 2005, a Tennessee family court granted Chad custody of his young son. Those custody documents said that Chad was allowed to travel and live internationally with this minor child. Here are the exact words direct in the August, 18th 2005 Custody Order.

“4. The court finds that the father should be the primary residential parent of the minor child and is granted immediate physical custody of the child….”
“5. In order to effectuate the order of the court, the child is authorized to travel alone, or under the direction of a single parent. Further, the Father is entitled to renew the child’s passport without the signature or permission of the Mother.”
“This order is not specified as to date other than otherwise outlined and applies to Aarys Hower until he reaches 18.”
“The child is authorized to travel to any destination, international or domestic, without restriction other than set out herein.”

So, after reading that, imagine Chad's surprise while on a business trip in Bulgaria in 2009, Chad was arrested and put in a Bulgarian prison due to an Interpol Red Notice. The FBI had charged Chad with international kidnapping of his own son that he had custody of. This is just the beginning of the story. Since then, Chad has been arrested multiple time and 3 extraditions to the USA have been denied by 2 different countries. Chad has lost his career and now is losing his life due to medical complications that can be treated where he safely resides.


Nancy Sue Oberlander-Hower was the plaintiff in the custody dispute in Tennessee. She lost custody of her child due to an August 18, 2005 court order. On one of the visits to his mother, Nancy refused to return a the minor child. In 2006, the minor child was taken from the mother by authorities and put on an international flight back to his father. At this point, Nancy Sue Oberlander-Hower ignored the custody orders from TN and began a second custody case in Pennsylvania knowing full well that the TN district has jurisdiction over the custody of her minor child. Her resentment for Chad and the fact that the Tennessee court gave custody to the father due to her negligence and lack of compliance with previous custody orders fueled her anger. She presented her case in Pennsylvania as a grieving mother who was wronged by the court, this was all done in the absence of the Father who was living and working abroad. She lied about Aarys place of birth. She said it was Pennsylvania lending to reason to why Pennsylvania could take case jurisdiction over Tennessee. Pennsylvania ignored the Tennessee orders, took emergency jurisdiction and granted custody to Ms. Oberlander-Hower. Chad was not present for these proceeding and not informed of their happenings. During this time. Ms. Hower turned off her phone and moved. Chad Hower, nor his minor child did not have a way of contacting the mother to schedule summer visitation. While all this was happening, the mother was supposed to be paying child support to Mr. Hower. He has never received a cent. 

In true resentful Mother fashion, with a new custody order in hands, Nancy got to work destroying Chad's life and leaving their son, Aarys living in limbo. 

Due to her devious actions, Mr. Hower was indicted on May 12, 2009, by a federal grand jury in Erie on a charge of international parental kidnapping. The grand jury proceeding took place without Chad or his legal counsel being given the option to appear. How is it possible to kidnap a child that you were granted full legal custody of with permission to travel internationally?

Court order NO. 15370-2 issued on October 15, 2005 by Chancery Court For Knox County, Tennessee states on August 12, 2005 Chad Zachary Hower was granted custody of his son Aarys Hower. Nancy Sue Oberlander-Hower was the plaintiff in that case.

If Ms. Oberlander-Hower was the plaintiff in Tennessee, why did she start a new case in PA? Why did she lie to the court about the child being born in PA? Why did Pennsylvania not check the birth records related to Aarys Hower to see that he was born and resided in Tennessee at the time the couple separated? Why was the child removed from the mother's care and put on a plane to his father who was living internationally if the Tennessee orders were not valid? Pennsylvania courts should never have been involved in the custody case. The minor child was not born in the state and was never an official resident of Titusville, PA. Tennessee had jurisdiction in this case and custody orders were issued as per the above information.

Chad Hower is in need of life saving medical attention that is unavailable on the small island where he currently resides. 

At this point in time, Mr. Hower has been pleading with the United Stated government to review this case and drop the charges for years. I ask you, again, how can a man be charged with kidnapping of a child he has legal custody of? This has gone on far too long and needs to end before Chad Hower dies. 

Chad currently resides in Saint Kitts with his second wife & 2 minor children. His son, the child that he allegedly kidnapped, is in his 20’s and lives just down the street from then. The son has had little to no contact with his mother in the last 10 year. This has never been about the child, this has been about destroying Chad's life. Saint Kitts is a small island in the Caribbean and medical care is limited. Chad needs life saving medical attention that he can not get on the island. He can’t travel off the island due to the Interpol Red Notice for his arrest for the charges of International Kidnapping. If he travels off the island, he will be arrested and put in jail where he could die before getting the treatment he needs. Chad’s life is at stake and his pleas with the US government have gone unanswered. Chad needs our help.


Please sign this petition asking federal prosecutor, Christian A. Trabold and his superior Troy Rivetti to review the case, consider the original custody and drop the charges against Chad Hower. Do not let this man die a wanted fugitive from the FBI.

Please sign this petition to ask President Joe Biden to pardon Chad Hower of all charges and let him and his family live in peace. The documentation shows his innocence, and his life is on the line. This is the humane thing to do. 

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Please, I beg of you to help this man get the justice he deserves.

Much Love,

The Manicured Mom™

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216 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!