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Justice for Caylee Anthony

back on July 15 2008 2 year old Caylee Marie Anthony went missing from her home in Orlando Florida the police get a 911 call from Caylee's "mother" Casey Anthony and Caylee's grandparents when they get there Caylee tell's them that told the police that Caylee was aduted my some nanny with a weird and hard to remember name fast forward to December 11 of that same year remains were found and identified as little Caylee Marie Anthony they being to Question the family members about Caylee until that get to her mother Casey it turn's out that Casey LIED about the whole thing which was a red flag Casey was arrested then a former jail mate of us said in a interview that Casey said that she used to put a wash choloroform and put it over Caylee's mouth cause it's a knock out drug so she can go party! AND at the trail the Grandmotehr of Caylee Cindy Anthony said that casey cared smelled like a dead body the evidence kept oh piling up come to the sentencing she was only charged for lying ro police! that is a outrage that we can't and won't stand for this Im not saying that she meant to do it but I do believe that Casey had something to do with Caylee's death little Caylee NEED'S and deserves justice so she can finally rest in peace

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